Kotlin OOPs Concept

Kotlin Extension Function

In this article, you will learn to extend a class with new functionality using extension functions. Extension Function Kotlin provides the ability to add methods to the existing classes without having to inherit from the class or use design patterns such as Decorator to do this. This is achieved using special declarations called extensions. Using …

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Kotlin Constructor

In this article, you will learn about constructors in Kotlin (both primary and secondary constructors) as well as initializer blocks with the help of examples. Constructor A constructor for a class is a special member function, mainly used to initialize the properties of the newly created object of that class type. It is called implicitly, …

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Kotlin Class and Objects

In this article, you will be introduced with the basic OOPs concept i.e. Classes and Objects and how you can create classes and objects in your Kotlin program. Kotlin supports both functional and object-oriented programming. Kotlin supports features such as higher-order functions, function types, and lambdas which represent Kotlin as a functional language. We will …

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