ReactJS|Creating First React Component

In this article we will talk about what is component and how to create our first react component with simple example. React applications are made out of components.Components let you split the entire application into independent, reusable pieces which can then be composed together to form complex UI.   What is component? A component is a …

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ReactJS|Application folder structure

React Folder Structure In this article we will talk about the folder structure of react application.If you want to know what is react and how to create react application go to my previous article React Introduction and Creating react app. When we run the command in our terminal to create react application the following initial …

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ReactJS| Introduction and Creating react app

What Is React? React is an open source Javascript library for building fast and interactive applications.This library is mainly used for building the UI or view of our application.The beauty of react is that because its just the view it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s only for web applications. It can be used with mobile …

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