Java OOP Concepts

Java Constructor in Inheritance

In this article, you will learn about Constructor behavior in Inheritance, in Java with the help of examples. A Constructor is a member function of a class that allows you to initialize a newly created object of that class type with some initial value and has same name as class with no explicit return type. …

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Java Inheritance

In this tutorial, we will learn about inheritance in Java with the help of examples. Inheritance Java Inheritance is one of the key feature of OOP (Object Oriented Programming). Inheritance can be defined as the process where one class is allowed to inherit the features (fields and methods) of another class.  Inheritance supports the concept …

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Java Class and Objects

In this article, you will be introduced with the basic OOPs concept i.e. Classes and Objects and how you can create classes and objects in your Java program. Java Objects Object refers to an entity that has state and behavior.  State: represents the data (properties) of an object. Behavior: represents the behavior (functionality) of an …

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